Primo Amore

A beautiful portrait series about summer love, from photogapher Greg Miller, shot over the course of years along Italy's Mediterranean coast:

"Primo Amore is an exploration of desire in an Italian context. It started when my wife and I took our first trip to Italy together in 1997 after becoming engaged. Her family is from Calabria. I began by taking pictures of my new family members. After that, we returned to Italy almost annually, and the project grew to include strangers and people on the street in other locales where her family has settled: Milan, Rome, as well as the South. We were in love (still are) and it seemed, especially in the summer, that everyone was, in some way, in love. We created many of these photographs together, she striking up conversations in Italian and translating my directions so that my subjects could understand me. In the later years, I had learned enough Italian (combined with wild gesticulations) to photograph on my own  We would drive around the narrow streets of Rome and other small towns listening to Italian love songs by 70s Italian pop artists Battisti and Mina. I feel that these photographs are, first of all, our own love songs. The images I made eventually began to take on the subjects' desires for each other, not to mention for themselves. The idea of "first love" expanded. Your first love is the most narcissistic, like falling in love with your own reflection. Then you can begin to fall in love with the world."

-Greg Miller

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