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The Indian Male

Here, a sampling from Trunk photographer and friend, Martin Morrell, of portraits of men from his travels through India, curated over the past ten years for a 2012 exhibit at the Fragonard Museum.Says Morrell, “India has fascinated me since my first visit in 2001, at the same time serene, charming, chaotic and cruel it’s very difficult to put into words the allure of this country but as anyone who has ever visited will know, once is not enough, you have to go back. You never quite know what’s around the corner in India, and many of the photographs in this series are the result of a moment or split second after I had finished taking a picture of something else, entirely different. I had been standing on the frenetic junction of Dasaswamedh Road in Varanasi for some time, hoping to capture an image of some of the chaos of this incredible city, when a small boy stopped in the middle of the traffic for several minutes to watch me. The stillness of this picture belies the reality. When I handed the monk at the Kamalabari Satra Monastery in Assam a polaroid of his portrait he began to cry, he had never seen a picture of himself.”…

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